Bird Gard PRO for Pigeons $365 

 The Bird Gard PRO for tough bird problems like pigeons, doves, and sparrows.

 "Works great on pigeons. There isn't a pigeon within two blocks of the factory building." Perry Bown, Parker, SD

  • Three different predator calls: peregrine falcon, sparrowhawk, and sharp-shinned hawk.
  • Ideal to control pigeons and sparrows around billboards, rooftops, power transformers, radio antennas, and field crops.
  • PRO Plus has the chip is in the front so it can be easily replaced with distress calls, and other new sounds. (Each micro-chip: $42)
  • Volume control.
  • Operates on 110v AC or 12v auto battery...lasts about 2 weeks before recharging is needed. Includes AC adapter with 50 ft. cord and 12 volt battery cables.
  • Totally random with four different cycle patterns so birds won't get used to it. Short, medium, long and extra-long
  • Adjustable volume. Photocell for daylight, night, or 24-hour.
  • One-year unconditional money back guarantee.
  • Made in USA

 To order call: (800) 555-9634 or (803) 939-9622   E-mail us at: for questions.

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